Sunday Buddha - Phra Tawai Natra (Restraint)
Monday Buddha - Phra Ham Yath (Making peace)
Tuesday Buddha - Phra Sai Yas (Reclining)
Wednesday Morning Buddha - Phra Um Bhat 
Wednesday Night Buddha - Phra Um Bhat 
Thursday Buddha - Phra Samathi (Meditation)
Friday Buddha - Phra Ram Pueng (Contemplation)
Saturday Buddha - Phra Naga Prok (Protection)
 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending my recent art show last weekend, “Loy Seven” at The Studio@620.   Your love and support helps me continue to grow with this journey and it means so much to me.  Best wishes to you and your family and I hope to see you again next year for “Loy-alty” – 2014 Art Show.  Love always, Loy
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